Workshop med Anna Elzer Oscarson

As mentioned in the previous post of the production of Anna Elzer Oscarsons products we had a workshop that afternoon. We got to pick our favorites from the collection and play around in Läckö Castle.

I love thew stairs of this castle, they’re rough and uneven. So my choice of playground was easy. I ‘m a sucker for red so I based my whole thing around the color. The light in the stairs changed pretty much every minute, it was like a slow disco light play of shadows.

When I finished I had time for another, so I found a new vase and staircase.
As I was walking down the stairs from my black and orange affair the lovely Emily of The Pink House had set up this beauty. At the wall you see some of the old castle decorations, they lead to a new set of stairs.

You would think I was done by this point, but I discovered something new.

I’m a pretty messy person five days a week, but I have a brain that works in mess and chaos and can always find what I’m searching for. Because of this I’ve got the skill to see beauty in it. So as the others had picked their second choice and thrown what they had already used back on the table I started photographing the mess.


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